EVERY THING IS BEAUTIFULGet off, you lazy, its 7.30 am’ yells my alarm at sharp 7.30.It is second most hated sound after Andrew’s warning. God, I hate Mondays, it is the worst day in my life. After 48 tension free hours you are going to get blames on you .After a quick ‘GHUST BATH’. I was readying myself to get slaughtered. A quick sandwich from George marked my journey to slaughterhouse. I had to rush through the station in order to get myself in the train. Now it will be the most boring 40 mins in my life.

This is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. They say its beautiful because it have beautiful country side, bridges, farms and beautiful nature all on the way. But all I saw, all these three years are some crappy buildings, people who work hard everyday from dusk to dawn and earn nothing and many group of plants that have no one to take care off. Seriously every time anyone talks about this beauty, I always wondered what are they talking about.

It is not a crowded compartment. There only few people. There is an ugly fat guy who is lost in the middle of new paper. Then a child making loud noises. A gypsy girl who is lost in deep thoughts. All I can here is pointless talking of people, which is my hate list no.3.Then there is blonde hair moving in the wind like rhythm of music, those black eyes, and smile which was simply heavenly. Who is that? I have never seen anyone like this. The orange hood she wore, the random smile, the hands that rubbing the window glass and the gentle caressing her hair. I felt like I was melting in it. I never had that feeling before. For a moment I felt like I was in heaven. It feels like everything has washed away. Is this is that one of the fantasy stories where Angels come down from sky.
And then our eyes locked and it was different. I felt like I was middle of everything I wanted, I felt like I this was what I was looking all this time, the missing part of my life, that was sitting right after two seats. I never felt like this before. I have seen beautiful girls before but this was different. This was magical. I had to look away before she find that I was staring at her.
But wait, some things have changed, Am I on the wrong train. Oh, no Andrew going to kill me.
Train was moving through middle of a beautiful farm. I saw many farmers here and there in the field smiling at their year long hard work. It was beautiful, no words to describe it. There was pride, happiness, joy, hard work all where there in those smiles. The train is now heading to the most beautiful scenery of nature you could ever imagine. The trees with ripped leaves ready to shed them. I have never seen it before. Who take care of these trees? I asked myself. Why can’t people on the other side take care of these trees? It was heavenly when the train had to take that beautiful curve. The train reaches country side now. This village is different. These buildings are beautifully built and are arranged in a special pattern. ‘The government is definitely spending a lot in this side of the country and neglecting the other side. I told myself. I had to look inside once more. The girl is gone. There is child sitting there, where the girl was sitting. The child seems happy. Not only the child, everyone in train was happy and was smiling. I could feel the warm. I could see them smiling. The world is totally different in this side. I said myself. Train is now heading into a station. ‘Harold’. I read myself before coming back to sense, ‘WHAT?’I’m in the city where I work? If I was in the right train then how did the scenes outside changed this fast? After a short walk to office. I was informed that Andrew is looking for me. ‘Oh! God my day all these good things are ruined? I said when I leaned in to his office. ‘Good morning’ Andrew wished me. I wasn’t sure if he was wishing me. ‘Good morning, sir ‘I wished him back. ‘Your work was brilliant; keep it up ‘What? Andrew appreciating me? Am I dreaming? I have never seen anything other than his angry face. I wasn’t sure about what was happening .Everything seemed to have taken a complete turn. ‘I’ enjoying it’ I said myself as I sit on my desk. As a great man said the world is beautiful, you can see it only if you open your eyes.





Aishwarya is a modern romantic novels set in remote village in Kerala, India.  It is the love story of two young Indians, Aishwarya and Rashi


Rashi comes from a middle class family in India. He meets Aishwarya on his first day in high school. They make an instant friendship which later turns into deep love.


Rashi is an atheist despite his Muslim family background. He had a hard childhood as he always saw his parents fighting with each other every day and always finds himself cheated by his friends. All this bad experiences make him believe that, there are no real relationships in this world. It also made him a strong personality. On the other hand, Aishwarya comes from a typical Hindu family and is religious girl. The biggest problem they faced in their relationship was this difference in their beliefs. Their parents rejected their decision to getting married as they are from two different religions.


One day, Aishwarya told Rashi that her parents have fixed her marriage with another guy. Rashi goes to her parents in an attempt to convince them about their marriage. He talks to her parents and convince them about their marriage. But he fails to do the same with his parents. The opposition from their relatives forced Rashi and Aishwarya to run away from their hometown and marry each other.


The sudden marriage and relocation becomes a big challenge for the young couples. They had to face many challenges on their own. But the unbreakable bond of love makes them stick together.

After their marriage they go to Ernakulam as Rashi was working there. The people in Ernakulam were warm and welcoming. They easily manage to find a job for Aishwarya. Life was great. Rashi and Aishwarya felt they were appreciated and accepted in Ernakulam. They used to visit all the tourist spots and have fun almost every weekend.


One day Aishwarya gets a call from her best friend from college, Amrutha. Amrutha asks Aishwarya to join her in the business. Aishwarya was impressed with the opportunity that is presented in front of her. She asked Rashi to leave his job and move to Calicut, where Amrutha’s company was working. Rashi agreed to do so if he gets a job in Calicut. After several interviews, Rashi finally finds a job in Calicut and decide to relocate. But once they reach Calicut, Rashi finds out that things are really different from Ernakulam. The pressure of the work was too much for him to handle. But he finds out that Aishwarya was enjoying her time in Calicut. Because of his deep love for his wife, he decides to stay and fight against his challenge. To his bad luck he fails in succeeding this fight. This makes him an alcoholic addict.


Amrutha and her family helps them one again and asked them to move to Bangalore. Amrutha’s father uses his personal influence to help Rashi to find a job. Once they reach Bangalore things become back to normal.


Later that year, Amrutha’s father comes up with idea that, Rashi to start his own magazine and with a partnership to their company. Rashi was overexcited with the news. He accepted it readily as it was his dream job. And to add more sweetness to their life, one day Aishwarya confirms that she is pregnant. The couple was overexcited with the news and prepare themselves to be the best parents for her child.


Finally after the wait of nine months, Aishwarya give birth to their daughter Serah. The kid was a real blessing for the young couple. She made the bond of love between their parents stronger. The couple becomes inseparable after Serah’s birth.


Life had an unexpected plan for the couple. One day Amrutha calls Rashi, who was celebrating a party at his office and asked him to come to hospital. He rushed there and finds out that Aishwarya was hit by a truck. After three days of struggle between life-and-death, Aishwarya’s body failed to win the battle. She tells Rashi not to be sad because she has accepted the fact that she will die. As her wish, she dies in Rashi’s hands.


Aishwarya leaves a big gap in everyone’s life; expect Rashi’s and Serah’s. They never missed her. Even though she was not there physically, Aishwarya always influenced their lives. Every decisions made by Rashi and Serah had the influence of Aishwarya. Story goes to different level from here. From a romantic novel, the story changes in to a spiritual one.


Rashi return to his hometown with his daughter after he dreamed Aishwarya asking him to do so. He finds out that his parents were not ready accept him or his daughter. After staying there for two days Rashi return to Bangalore. On their way back, Serah tells Rashi that she always wondered why her parents never took them to their hometown and now she has the answer.


Story ends as Aishwarya appears and ask Rashi to take care of himself and their daughter. He promised her to so. He hear her words `I’ll be always there for you’ filling up in the atmosphere


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